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Swimwear, Bikinis & Lingerie

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Type Swimwear – High-Quality Swimwear Made in Portugal

If you’re looking for what to wear on the beach next summer, you’ve found the perfect place. Leave the generic, boring bikinis and swimsuits behind and make a statement with an original piece from a small brand. Type is a producer of lingerie, beach clothing and swimwear in Portugal, producing high-quality unique pieces for confident women. Our beachwear will have you turning heads in the best way. In a market saturated with swimwear from big brands that all look the same, we provide an option that makes you stand out. You’ll feel confident and beautiful in ways you never thought possible. Our collections offer designs that suit any style and body shape. Though we’re based in Portugal, we ship worldwide, and you can enjoy your new Type swimwear wherever you are in the world.

The Dependable Quality You’ve Been Waiting For

Swimwear is put through a lot, but cheap and popular brands don’t often take this into account. If you’re tired of switching out your beachwear multiple times a year because it rips or breaks in various ways, we have the solution for you. Our products are made from the best materials and by our expert team, ensuring premium quality clothing you can bring to the beach, pool, boat, or bedroom.

Exclusivity & Uniqueness

Every year, statement pieces are released by big brands that become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and are visible on every beach. If you want to make an impression, choose an outfit that’s different. Type is an up-and-coming brand producing swimwear and lingerie that will turn heads and have people asking where your clothes are from. Rather than looking like every other girl on the beach, you could be setting new trends and finding quality products none of your friends have heard of before. With few online swimsuit stores selling clothing from lesser-known brands and unique products you won’t see elsewhere, Type is one of the best places to buy swimwear online, whether you’re in Portugal or elsewhere.

Our Swimsuits

With a wide range of products and several different collections, we have beachwear and lingerie that fits any woman and any situation. No matter your style, you can find something here that matches it. We have swimsuits, bikini sets, dresses, tops, lingerie and accessories in various styles and colours suitable for any occasion. We also have children’s swimwear for different ages so that you can match with your little one. Combine our beautiful bikinis with a dress and a handy bag to create the perfect outfit, or choose some lingerie that is comfortable for everyday wear as well as being elegant enough to be perfect for romantic nights. Finding your style is easy, with our different collections providing you with all the options. For those living a sustainable life, we also offer our recycled collection.

Type: Rated Best New Swimwear Brand in Portugal

Inês started Type in 2012 as part of her dream to work in fashion. She found that it was hard to find any swimwear in Portugal, and Portuguese swimwear brands were practically non-existent. She built her own brand from the ground up and continued to educate herself to better manage and promote her business. Today, Type is one of the most exclusive and reliable swimwear brands in Portugal. Inês is still in charge, and our products are designed and created by an experienced team of professionals using the best materials.

Sustainable Swimwear Stores In Lisboa & Porto

Mass-produced, cheap clothing is all the rage, but it’s also awful for the climate. We’re becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact and waste produced by the fast fashion industry, but it’s hard to find an alternative solution for keen fashionistas. With Type, you don’t have to abandon your eye-catching outfits and bold looks. As a small brand with big dreams, we’re a sustainable choice for clothes that last a long time but won’t break the bank. We even have an entire collection of swimwear made from recycled materials. You don’t have to choose between style and the planet anymore.

Lisbon's Hottest Swimwear & Bikini Styles For 2022

It’s easy to get bored of the mass-produced swimwear from big bikini brands that everyone seems to be wearing. If you prefer to stand out in a crowd and draw some eyes on the beach, choose Type instead. As a smaller brand, we offer unique designs that no one else around you will be wearing. We follow all the latest fashion trends while staying true to our own style, just like you should.

The 2022 collection is an exciting mix of vibrant colours, unique textures and neutral tones of black, white and sky blue. From bikinis and swimsuits to beach dresses, shorts and tops to throw on when you’re heading to or from the beach, we have styles that suit everyone. Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms to create your own unique outfit. We also have accessories that include handy bags, as well as swimwear for children. Our 2021 collection includes many must-haves for your next day on the beach or by the pool, so grab it before the equally exciting 2023 collection comes up.

Mix & Match Bikinis

If you like mismatched outfits, combined prints and creating your own unique style, don’t be confined to a bikini set with matching pieces. At Type, you can mix and match any tops and bottoms for a look that’s exactly how you want it. You can combine beautiful colours, prints and shapes to your heart’s content. Look like no one else on the beach, with the help of your new swimwear from Type.

Porto & Lisbon's Best Beachwear

The Type catalogue is big, with products available for different body shapes and sizes and different ages, including children. The styles are diverse, in all the colours, patterns and designs you could possibly desire. The products available in our store include:

  • Bikinis
  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Children’s swimwear
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Accessories
  • Beach bags
  • Lingerie

Beachwear For All Sizes

Finding well-fitting and pretty swimwear can be a challenge to people whose bodies don’t fit the mould. At Type, every body shape and size is welcome. Our Necesse category is full of products that will fit anyone. Everyone deserves to be able to go to the beach and to look beautiful and feel confident while they’re there. Our beachwear in Portugal will be comfortable and stylish because it will fit your body just right. When it’s time for a trip to the beach, everyone can do their shopping at Type, including the newest members of the family. Type Kids has beachwear for children of all ages.

Why Choose Type Online Bikini's From Portugal?

  • Be the best-dressed person on the beach with a unique and beautiful outfit
  • Get durable swimwear of quality you can rely on, no more ripping and tearing
  • Find perfectly fitting swimwear no matter your size or shape
  • Become a trendsetter by standing out from the crowd and choosing a small brand
  • Choose an alternative more sustainable than fast fashion
  • Have an abundance of choice in the form of many different styles, designs and colours
  • Affordable without compromising on quality
  • We ship world-wide

Shop Our Range Of Bikini Sets Online

Type has a swimwear store in Portugal where you can shop the best bathing suits, black bikini sets, mirco bikinis and so much more. The summer is coming sooner than you think, so snap up one of our limited edition designs now! Read Less