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November 14, 2022 2 min read

Our swimwear is designed and made in Portugal, but it looks fabulous on beaches the world over. You can take our fashion anywhere, and swim in saltwater, freshwater, or a chlorinated pool. Just make sure to pack mild soap and hand wash immediately after each wear. Rinse your swimwear under flowing cold water and squeeze but don’t twist it. Don’t soak it, but let it dry in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Take Your Type Swimwear to Brazil

For October and November, the best locations to visit are in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s when the beach weather is ideal for tourists. December to February are the hottest months of the Southern summer. Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. With over 7,000 miles of beach, you’ll find a spot for your towel. For classic white sand and a dazzling sea, it’s hard to beat Brazil. Try a beach game of Brazil’s own foot volleyball or surf the crystal waves. Doze in the sun and dance the night away to Brazil’s world-famous samba music. See the incredible Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Its pedestal alone is 31 ft high. Rio is also home to the National Museum of Brazil, so you can learn all about the history of a vibrant and welcoming country while delighting in the sunshine.

Explore The Wonders of Indonesia

Bali and Java are world-famous names, but Indonesia has much more for you to discover. The view from Maluk Beach is incredible, and the sand at Nusa Dua is soft and white. If you want to explore beneath the sea visit the Raja Ampat Islands to see rare and beautiful coral reefs (but prepare in advance: there are no ATMs on this archipelago). Bunaken Marine Park is home to thousands of tropical fish, while Komodo National Park houses the famous lizards. Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world. Indonesia has over five thousand traditional recipes, so each one of your senses will be indulged in this wonderful country.

Relax On A Perfect Beach In South Africa

When choosing a sunny holiday destination South Africa is not necessarily the first name that springs to mind. But the country is every bit as beautiful as the Mediterranean and is home to soft white beaches untouched by crowds of tourists. Sodwana Bay is perfect for scuba diving and offers turtle tours, while the country’s aerial cableways are a chance to view the incredible landscape from above. For stunning views of the Indian Ocean visit Knysna Heads. During the dry season, there may be water restrictions, but if you visit South Africa in November, you should be past them.

It's easy to buy your swimwear from Type before you jet off. We accept credit cards, Paypal, or bank transfers. You can buy a bikini set or select a top from one set and bottoms from another. This option is available both in-store and online and allows for dozens of combinations. If there’s an issue with your swimwear, you can exchange and return it within 15 working days of purchase.

So don’t forget to pack your new Type swimwear before you jet off on your holidays.