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June 30, 2022 2 min read

Created and crafted in Portugal by a passionate team of forward-thinking individuals, Type is a premium swimwear brand committed to providing beach babes with unique, high-end swimwear pieces in stunning styles. But what sets our supreme swim fashion apart from the rest isn’t just aesthetic appeal and world-class craftsmanship; it’s also our commitment to the planet.

Naturally, such a premier swim brand focuses on the satisfaction of customers from the first contact; however, at the same time, we at Type strive to pour love and consideration into our older pieces to minimise waste – and that’s where our modern creativity comes in to turn old into new in environmentally friendly ways.

Superior quality and sublime style doesn’t mean mass-produced, inferior swimwear that harms the environment – it’s the exact opposite. As a brand that goes above and beyond to fabricate extraordinary swim attire from recycled and reconstructed pieces, nothing we produce ever goes to waste – in fact, it gets reinvented and re-loved as brand-new bikinis fresh for the upcoming summer season.

Slip Your Silhouette into Sustainable Swimwear

Inspired by confident women with attitude who adore sun, sand and sea, each of our cultivated swimwear collections tell a story to inspire generations of beach lovin’ gals with salty hair and sun-kissed skin – and one of our extraordinary selections is our exclusive sustainable range with care for the environment as its main focal point.

Featuring sensual styles, decadent designs and unmatched quality, our Greta bikini collection represents up-cycling in its ultimate form. Not merely beautiful, chic, classy and oozing sex appeal, this spectacular recycled range’s quality is of the utmost – all without compromising comfort and freedom of movement. But how do we do it?

How is Sustainable Swimwear Made?

Sustainability is as simple as it is sublime to wear. Created from waste fabrics from our previous collections, expert artisans take our original Type swimwear pieces and produce fresh, fashionable swimsuits and bikinis with a sustainable edge.

Intricate and meticulously made, our experienced artisans use the traditional macramê strategy to construct new bikinis from waste materials that would otherwise be thrown away. In this specialised method of textile production, seasoned hands apply knotting techniques without the use of a crochet hook or knitting needles; instead, they intertwine pieces of old fabric by hand – a process that gives texture and shape to each item of swimwear.

Exclusive Recycled Swimwear of Exceptional Quality

The beautiful result of our environmentally focused initiative and zero-waste approach is our seductive selection of sustainable swimwear that not only looks and feels amazing but also boasts exceptional quality.

So, beach goddesses from around the world with a keen eye for high-end style, quality and environmental consciousness, this one’s for you. Green gals who know how to discern upmarket quality and appreciate elegance, high fashion and comfort have it all with our exclusive Greta bikini collections.

Each piece in this special section is fully recycled, preventing waste and having a more positive impact on the environment. The only thing left to do to prepare for summer? Select your sustainably sourced and produced Type Greta bikini and be beach ready in time for the serene sunny months.