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June 30, 2022 3 min read

As a woman, you already know how to achieve the perfect bikini body; simply put a bikini on your body, and voilà – you’re all set for summer! However, for style-conscious gals, there’s a little more science and psychology behind picking the perfect pieces.

Choosing the best bikini online or offline for your body begins with knowing your unique shape and body type, followed by selecting the most flattering set for your fabulous figure to accentuate what mother nature gave you.

So, are you an athletic babe or a voluptuous apple girl? Perhaps you’re a pretty pear shape, a ravishing rectangle, or maybe you’re Marilyn Monroe reincarnate herself blessed with an hourglass physique? No matter your build, there’s a bikini to suit you – all you have to do is choose the right style.


Pear women have wider hips coupled with narrow shoulders and a small bust. To balance this bottom-heavy shape, pear-shaped ladies can draw attention higher up away from their gorgeous shapely thighs and hips – and to achieve this effect, it’s all about fancy tops.

Bikini tops with elaborate patterns, bold styles, plunging necklines and padded cups all magnificently highlight the natural curvature of the bust. Meanwhile, down below, solid colours and dark hues are perfect for minimising attention to the bottom half of the body. Also, a high-waisted bikini works wonders for the pear physique, flattening the hips and tummy area while lengthening and slimming the legs.


Apple-shaped ladies tend to carry thir beautacious shape on top, being wider-waisted and broader busted in proportion to the hips. One-piece swimsuits are excellent for this body type, working to streamline and slim the curves, not hide them.

To accentuate an apple girl’s hip curves, she can opt for pretty patterned bottoms with side ties while wearing halter bikini tops or plunging necklines to create a slimmer torso and shoulders. Tankini tops with high-waisted bottoms also help tone the apple-shaped physique, too.


An hourglass figure entails a shape that showcases perfectly proportioned hips and bust with a smaller waist. Luckily for hourglass girls, most bikini types are flattering, so it’s difficult for them to select a style that won’t look incredible.

Women with this shape can choose how much they want to emphasise their curves, and they can do this with bikini styles. High-waisted bottoms bring eyes to their slim waist whilst covering the tummy, while one-piece swimsuits in solid colours and shades accentuate this stunning overall silhouette. What’s more, although a little more daring, a thong bikini can really draw attention to the feminine outline of the hips, bum and thighs. So if you fall under this body category, the string bikinis are one of the most flattering types for you.


Rectangle-shaped ladies typically showcase a straight silhouette with very little waist, hip and bust ratio differentiation. The key to perfecting this shape is crafting curves – and all bikinis add curve, so gals with this figure look beautiful in all bikini types.

Be it one-piece bikinis to sculpt an hourglass illusion or skimpier triangle tops and side-tie bottoms, rectangle goddesses can’t choose wrong. In particular, bandeau bikini tops with bright colours, ornate patterns, ruching, ruffles and frills are supreme styles for rectangular girls; these features all add volume to the bust and hips!


Women with an athletic body type often boast broad shoulders and a straighter bust, waist and hip combination. To flatter this physique, they should go for plain, simple bikini tops paired with fancier, colourful and patterned bottoms, which even out the hips and shoulders and draw attention to those long, lean legs.

Additionally, padded cups and plunging necklines narrow wider shoulders and add volume to the chest to enhance smaller boobs. The triangle bikini is also well-suited to athletic types, especially when mixed and matched to create the perfect look. Plus, the Brazilian bikini is great for athletic ladies as well since it complements a muscular backside.